Retro Assembler V2021.1 Released

January 1, 2021Retro Assembler

Now that we reached a new year and Microsoft is consolidating .NET Core and the .NET Framework into a merged version, Retro Assembler is now built for .NET 5.0

After you install it on Windows, macOS or Linux, you can run the assembler just like you did before. Or if you're new to it, check out Using Retro Assembler with Visual Studio Code for some additional guidance.

If you've been following the MEGA65 development in the past few years, you might be as excited as I am that it will be available for purchase soon. Quite possibly, maybe. But now that at least some lucky people laid their hands on the limited developer version, you may find it useful that Retro Assembler got support for the MEGA65 45GS02 and the plain CSC 4510 CPUs. Nothing can stop you now from developing for the MEGA65!

Beside this I attempted to standardize the 65816 source code a bit, so in instructions that use the Stack Pointer, the assembler accepts both SP and S as register name. The disassembler now shows SP.

The Notepad++ language files and the Visual Studio Code Extension got support for the new CPUs and for the SP register.

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!