Here We Go Once Again

July 20, 2017Personal

A couple of years ago I restarted this website, but it didn't go too far before I neglected it, as it happened before. Now once again I'm doing the same thing, hoping this time it sticks. As usual, these reboots are tied to blog engine rewrites and guess what, I've rewritten this blog engine again. One might think that I don't like to blog, I just like to write blog engines. One might be right. One may also recall the definition of insanity at this point.

Anyway, this blog is a platform for my thoughts, an outlet where I can write about things I developed, used, enjoyed, experienced, or just interesting to me. It may even contain some details of my personal life. How it will go remains to be seen, these pages are here to be filled with something you may find valuable or just entertaining. There are so many things in life that won't fit into a tweet.