Retro Assembler V2020.8 Released

May 16, 2020Retro Assembler

I seem to be on the roll these days. My friend Josh at Gang-Gang Studios (who is working on a truly amazing game) asked whether Functions could work similarly to Macros – they won't get included if they are not referenced by the source code itself. I've been wondering about the same recently and it seems like I managed to come up with a good solution to this. It wasn't easy, had a bit of an Edison moment with the thousand ways you can't make a light bulb, but at the end it worked out.

There is a new Setting "OmitUnusedFunctions" for this, which is enabled by default. If your code requires a behavior where all functions are compiled into the binary, you can disable it in your code or in the Settings Xml file.

I also added a new default Segment called Lib (short for Library), which got its .lib shortcut directive. This is placed between the Code and Data Segments, so if you have a large library you need to include, you can utilize this Segment to separate the Functions from the Code Segment's contents. Of course this is optional, or you can use a custom Segment for this purpose.

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!