Retro Assembler V2020.6 Released

May 9, 2020Retro Assembler

In this update I added a new .namespace directive, which can create and use user-defined Namespaces for Labels. If your project and workflow finds a use for it, you're in luck. It can be really powerful in the right hands, but it's probably unnecessary for most coders.

The VS Code Extension and the Notepad++ files have been updated to recognize this new directive.

The .generate directive got a new "random" mode to add an array of one or more random bytes.

The Atari DOS files with the .xex extension are now loaded and processed by the Disassembler as Atari DOS would, by processing each Chunk of data and loading them at the correct memory addresses. The Launcher Chunk is ignored by the loader, otherwise those files would be listed from $02e0

For developers who need to integrate Retro Assembler into a .Net Core project, the retroassembler.dll file offers a few Compiler functions that can be useful in unit tests.

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!