Retro Assembler V2020.3 Released

April 22, 2020Retro Assembler

I've added support for several new CPUs:

There is a new setting "DebugCommand" which controls what debugger should be launched with the compiled program, if .setting "Debug", true is set.

The new -g command line option overrides the "Debug" setting to be True, so if Debug is normally not set, but there is a valid "DebugCommand" setting value and you launch the new Build & Debug command in VS Code, then the compiled program launches in your chosen debugger. Or you can just set up an emulator there and just launch the file without debugging while also saving the "debug.txt" file with the used global labels and memory addresses.

The updated Visual Studio Code Extension selfishly assigns default keyboard shortcuts to the Retro Assembler commands:

These commands now save the active document before compiling.

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!