Retro Assembler V2.4.1 Released

May 31, 2019Retro Assembler

It's a small but useful update for those who use the Visual Studio Code Extension, which is recommended for the best coding experience.

The display format of errors and warnings got tweaked a little to display a clickable link that allows Visual Studio Code to open the referenced source code file at the problematic line number.

Unfortunately in such links Visual Studio Code doesn't correctly recognize paths with spaces in them (yet), but I chose the best option (quotes around the filename) that will likely be handled by it in the future.

I also added a new output file format called SBIN which is similar to the PRG format, but the file data length is also saved into the header, making it typically 4 bytes long.

The rest of the important changes are in the Extension which is now elevated to version number 1.1.0

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!