Retro Assembler V2.3.1 Released

February 13, 2019Retro Assembler

This is just a smaller bug fix for Linux. I noticed that the Windows version doesn't run on Ubuntu Linux using Mono, mainly because of the Gnome Terminal's default TERM environment value. It's set as xterm-256color while Mono apparently needs it to be set as xterm, otherwise it fails when the Console is accessed. This can be remedied from the user's login script like in .bashrc but I fixed it from software for the application's thread.

Then there was another bug that happens only with the x86-64 version of Mono, it always worked fine on ARM. That issue has been fixed too.

Either way, I still recommend using the .Net Core version on Linux and macOS.

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!