Retro Assembler V2.3 Released

November 13, 2018Retro Assembler

As it happens, while I was working on an assembly project, I ran into some shortcomings that I tried to fix in this new release.

There was no way to just allocate bytes in memory, without actually writing data into the virtual memory. This normally isn't a problem in Commodore 64 projects, but in Gameboy projects the code is in ROM and the RAM is separated from it. Even though the ROM builder would ignore those bytes, words and arrays that you'd put between $c000-$dfff, it's not too elegant to write the code that way. Now it's possible to just allocate bytes these ways:

      RAM          .org $c000
      ButtonState  .byte ?
      Buffer       .storage $20

Other changes, some were made in version 2.2.1

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!