Retro Assembler V2.0 Released

July 24, 2018Retro Assembler

A new, completely refactored and updated Retro Assembler is here!

A lot has changed since the last version, both in the assembler and in the world of computing alike. It's clear now that .Net Core is a thing, it's available on numerous operating systems which makes it possible to do true portable app development in C#. And also Visual Studio Code is becoming a mature product, available for most people, no matter what their favorite OS is.

I'm happy to announce that Retro Assembler has reached version 2.0 and after serious refactoring and improvements is now available as both Windows (.Net Framework 4.7, runs on Mono too) and Portable (.Net Core 2.1) builds. Not only that, it's even integrated with Visual Studio Code via a custom Extension, making it a powerful development tool for all the popular operating systems.

Retro Assembler in Visual Studio Code

There's more! Now it's a full-fledged development environment for Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo Gameboy with the recently added Gameboy CPU and ROM support.

The target memory management got completely overhauled, now there is no practical memory limit for the projects, as long as they fit into the 32 bit address space. Labels and values can be up to 32 bit numbers. The Segment support has been changed, now combined with Banks it can do a lot more than before. If you used .target and .segment directives, update those in your source code files to the latest specification. The command line options also changed, be aware of that.

See the documentation for details, there are a lot of additions and changes to read up on.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!

It's been a lot of work, I hope you'll like it as much as I do.