Retro Assembler V1.2 Released

December 12, 2017Retro Assembler

Retro Assembler Version 1.2 is ready with 65C02 and 65SC02 CPU support.

After the last release of V1.1 I received a lot of support and encouragement from Commodore 64 and 6502 enthusiasts on Facebook, it was nice. As a result of it, the assembler has been fixed to work on Linux using Mono, I even set up my dusty Raspberry Pi 3 with an environment that can run it.

I began researching other CPU types and ended up adding support for the 65C02 and 65SC02 CPUs. They looked like small updates at first with a few new instructions, but the 65C02 has these weird bit instructions that combine a zero page address for bit testing and a relative address for branching. That was a bit of a trouble for the assembler, as it couldn't deal with instructions that use two parameters. However, it was added and it works nicely.

I also realized that I didn't address the D64 maker option for Linux, which was clearly made for Windows, using "c1541.exe" under WinVICE. I can't really test that one (yet), but I changed the call to use "c1541" and we will see if it works. If you can test it, let me know, I'd appreciate it. Alternatively I put the command line call into the ReadMe.txt file that you can use on Linux, to get a D64 file out of a T64 file.

See the documentation for details.

Download the latest version from the Retro Assembler page!