Retro Assembler V1.1 Released

December 6, 2017

Retro Assembler Version 1.1 is ready with improvements and bug fixes.

Among other things, the new .memory directive lets you perform byte manipulation in the target memory. This is useful for ad-hoc data duplications, conversions or other modifications.

See the documentation for details.

The application has been modified to run on Linux using Mono, plus some smaller fixes have been applied to it, so the version number got bumped up to 1.1.1

I tested it on my Raspberry Pi with a large demo project and it complies everything perfectly. It's fantastic to be able to target Linux without rewriting everything in C++, or at least in .net Core, but if one can install the framework for that, Mono shouldn't be an issue either.

Download Version 1.1.1 (72KB)

Platform: Windows/Linux command line (Requires .net Framework 4.7 or Mono)

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