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April 30, 2015

Background noises can be good for productivity, no wonder that many like to go to a coffee shop, where non-critical tasks can be done pleasantly while sipping a cup of joe. As for me, I like rain and thunderstorms, but sadly I can't control the weather, and people around me would be cross anyway.

Recently I found Noizio on Mac, an app that lets you configure your own set of ambient sounds in the background. I enjoy using it, but mostly I work on Windows, and they didn't develop this app for my system. I wish someone made one! Well, actually...

Ambience, my take on Noizio for WindowsAmbience, my take on Noizio for Windows

Just set up which sounds you'd like to hear, adjust the volume for them individually and enjoy! If you've been looking for Noizio for Windows, look no further.

Developing this application was a lot of fun. The makers of Noizio didn't hide the sounds and artwork they used in their app, it was easy to extract them. When I looked into if I could implement such a multi-channel audio player, it turned out to be a smaller challenge than I anticipated. The rest of the work was just making everything work well and look pretty.

I don't work on Windows Forms applications too often, so I took the chance to try some new things with this one.

Download the app for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Ambience - Installer (exe) (Unsigned)
Ambience - Portable (zip)

The app requires .net Framework 4.6 and Windows SmartScreen is going to complain about the installer because it's not digitally signed by a known publisher. You can install it anyway, won't harm your computer.

Big thanks to the makers of Noizio for the sounds and images, they deserve all the credit for those. Go and check them out if you've got a Mac!

Here We Go Again

December 1, 2014

Welcome or welcome back, depending on whether you've seen this website before on a very similar domain. I decided to start it all over again, simplified, with different goals in mind.

This space is for me to write about subjects that I find interesting, along with code snippets, system tweaks other nerdy things that you may find useful, but ultimately these are just notes for myself.

Let's begin.